Frog Quota

    About the game

    In 3/5 Too Many Skeletons you take on the role of a game master leading adventurers through a dungeon by using powers to change the dungeon environment, fudge encounters, and affect the adventurers themselves. Because adventurers each have their own unique set of skills, traits, and personalities you get a different story, and set of challenges, each time.

    Gameplay features


    Adventurers use skills and combat prowess to overcome challenges. They have their own personalities leading to different behaviours. Greedy adventurers might stop at nothing to reach a treasure chest they’ve spotted, brave adventurers never retreat from a fight, and friendly adventurers will always seek diplomacy rather than combat.

    GM powers

    As a player you have the privilege of being able to cast spells to destroy terrain, damage or outright kill monsters or adventurers, resurrect, buff, heal, open and lock doors, teleport characters and items, spawn creatures and much much more. Use your powers to lead adventurers to victory, but beware of spending all your powers at once! You might need to save your abilities for unexpected challenges. Powers are unlocked over time as adventurers complete quests and discover the dungeon’s deepest, darkest secrets.


    In typical RPG fashion, adventurers visit the dungeon to complete quests:

    • Beating a boss
    • Acquiring a powerful artifact
    • Filling their inventories with gold
    • Gain a level
    • Performing a ritual

    The dungeon

    The dungeon is the setting for the whole game. Monsters roam corridors, goblins chill around campfires, and deep within some big bad evil guy plots the end of the world. Also hidden within are traps, loot, various NPCs like shrewd merchants, mad alchemists, and sage wizards.


    The game is still very early in development. Everything, or nothing, may change as we respond to playtest results.


    3/5 Too Many Skeletons is a game that grows with players’ input. If you would like to help us out we urge you to join our playtests. It’s fun, and you get a free copy of the game.