Frog Quota

About Frog Quota

Frog Quota is an independent game development studio based in Hamar, Norway, and a proud member of Hamar Game Collective. We aim to create deep and highly replayable games that offer experiences not found elsewhere, and which let players express themselves creatively, both in and outside the games themselves. Our design philosophy is centered around replayability, emergent storytelling, novel experiences, and modability.

Meet the team

Frog Quota currently has a core team of three bubbly enthusiastic developers with great personalities. Why not have a look?

Benjamin Bergseth

CEO, programmer, designer

Hi, I’m Benjamin, and you could say I’m pretty passionate about game development. Most of my waking hours are spent on developing games or doing stuff related to game development in some fashion (like making this website). I run a little personal blog, so if you want to learn more about me that’s probably your best bet.

Sigurd Zahl Stapnes

Programmer, designer

Hi, I’m a programmer and designer. I grew up in a small town called Vadsø, and I’ve been interested in becoming a game developer for as long as I have owned a computer.

Mathias Hareide

Programmer, designer