Frog Quota

    About the game

    In 3/5 Too Many Skeletons you take on the role of the CEO of a dungeon-building corporation in which you build dungeons for adventurers to explore. Adventurers leave the dungeon a review at the end, in turn impacting the popularity and future success of your dungeon. Do contract work, litter the dungeon with ads, and hire scary monsters for adventurers to fight, all in the name of delicious profit.

    Gameplay features

    Build the dungeon

    Order your workers to dig out corridors and rooms, place loot, traps and monsters, as well as stylising and decorating your dungeon.

    The typical ruins and mountain caves that adventurers plunder are not remnants of lost civilizations or saintly tombs; the ruin was completed last Thursday and will generate thousands of gold coins in revenue by the end of the year.

    Hire workers

    Hire and manage an assortment of fantasy creatures to build your dungeon and fight adventurers. Will you have the heart to let Samara the Ogre go if she is just a tad bit too strong for the adventurer’s skill level?

    Attract adventurers

    Attract adventurers to your dungeon and challenge them with your traps and monsters, giving them just enough loot that they don’t notice that your gold magnet trap took more from them.

    Expand your business

    Earn money from adventurers and make connections in the adventuring industry to expand your business, unlock new items, traps and legendary monsters, and improve your dungeon.Gain a positive reputation to have new opportunities in your capitalistic dungeon empire.

    The guilds

    Sometimes you need extra challenges to boost your income. You get contracts from guilds that ask you to make room in the dungeon with certain types of monsters or certain missions that the adventurers must solve. Profit and success are based on how well you fulfill and keep the contracts.

    A world of adventure awaits

    Interact with a world of adventurers, potion-sellers, trap-makers, get foiled by monster union demands of workplace regulations, and make dealings with business partners to maximise your profits. 

    Will you be the lord of this capitalistic world or will you succumb to ethical methods as you progress?


    The game is still very early in development. Everything, or nothing, may change as we respond to playtest results.